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Providing Simplicity

Our operations and performance improvement focus as part of the performance efficiency and effectiveness criteria, is on keeping the process simple to understand, simple to deploy, simple to scale and simple to adjust. Lean Delaware is committed to helping organizations succeed by solving operational problems, reducing the cost of doing business and maintaining continuous improvement initiatives necessary for competitive advantage.

Proven Strategies. Measurable Results.

Below is a list of the overall positive outcomes and results that you as a client of ours could see from utilizing our services.

  • Establish a competitive edge that is unique to your organization
  • Lower costs by up to 40% within the first year
  • Improve performance and reduce delivery time of goods and services
  • Make informed decisions using performance data
  • Create more effective teams
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Create visibility and transparency in the operation
  • Create a Lean Culture that will foster innovation and continuous improvement
  • Arm your organization with Lean tools that promote efficiency and effectiveness, remove constraints and bottlenecks and create a more attractive value proposition for customers
  • 100% ROI on Lean deployment projects

Organizational Development

Organizational change initiatives experience over 70% failure rates. Improving performance and efficiency through effective organizational change requires an understanding of some critical to success criteria, key leadership ability, and workforce empowerment.

Process Improvement

Reduce process inefficiency and ineffectiveness by eliminating rework, waste, and variability. Organizations re-invest up to 40% or revenue back into their operations to resolve these and other inefficiencies. Furthermore, while many organizations improve a process they fail to improve the worker morale that is key to the process performance. Process improvement is people improvement, Lean Delaware’s approach to process improvement will give you the competitive edge you need by maximizing your key resource- your people.

Cost Reduction Through Value Creation

A strategic approach to value creation involves the customer, the process and the workforce with strong leadership. Lean Delaware will work with your organization to promote value creation using the tenets of Lean. Realize the true cost of doing business by lowering your cost of quality. What would a 40% reduction do for your bottom line?

Building a Competitive Advantage

Benchmarking only gets you to the present state of your industries best practices. Meanwhile, the organization who owns that benchmark is probably onto the next industry breakthrough. Stop chasing benchmarks and align your organization with the true path to a competitive advantage. Your organization is unique because your people are unique. Maximize your organization’s potential and create a competitive advantage that no one can effectively copy.

Making Work Visible and Bulldozing the Hidden Factory

The worst problems in operations are those that no one is actively aware of. They create inefficiencies and managers keep putting out the fires as part of daily routines. Hidden factories exist in all organizations and can emerge from lack of employee motivation to poor process designs and leadership. The good news is that these problems once uncovered at their root can be solved relatively quickly. The bad news is that organizations live with these problems for years losing hundreds of thousands or millions in revenue because of the inefficiencies and sadly, some end up going under. Seeing how your work gets done and continuously searching for signs of the hidden factory will help you create the competitive edge you need. However, the first step is uncovering the hidden factory.

Lean Enterprise and Systematic Improvement

Many organizations function in silos with each silo bearing their own culture accompanied by the cliché “that’s not how we do things here.” Everyone should be able to understand the organization as a system and add to the value concept. It allows for a better understanding of where you fit in as a worker, how your work is valued by the process customer and how all the tasks performed as part of the process lead to a value proposition for the customer. Lean Delaware’s approach to systematic improvement is through Lean Enterprise. By adding value to every part of the organization and embedding value-added habits throughout the workforce Lean Enterprise can help your organization do more with less and stay one step ahead of the competition by doing it better, faster and cheaper.

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