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Organizational Development

Organizational change initiatives experience over 70% failure rates. Improving performance and efficiency through effective organizational change requires an understanding of some critical to success criteria, key leadership ability, and workforce empowerment.

2 out of 3 continuous improvement initiatives fail to attain their desired outcomes. Two significant areas of deficiency leading to these dismal outcomes are

1. Lack of Leadership skills
2. Lack of technical skill

Lean Delaware’s Lean Transformation Management Coaching& Support substantially improves leaders and teams by ensuring transformation constraints are mitigated. Our blend of strategies from operations management, organization change and Lean principles help leaders to understand their role and how to be more effective.

We coach and guide Lean Leaders on how to effectively apply the soft skills necessary to successfully collaborate with teams to develop a learning environment, essential for sustainability of continuous improvement. We coach leaders on how to focus on the Lean journey as opposed to project outcomes. Lean Leaders focus on self & team to develop the habits that foster the behavior that promotes continuous improvement throughout an organization. We also help teams deploy the various tools of Lean using innovative approaches to help with understanding and deployment efficiency.

Organizational Change

Process Improvement, when applied at the enterprise level, requires organizational change. Lean Delaware developed a 6 step model based on decades of research conducted by some of the leading experts in Organization Change:

  1. Desire & Need
  2. Urgency
  3. Core Leadership
  4. Developing and Communicating the vision and strategy,
  5. Winning – creating the initial win then, stacking wins,
  6. Systematizing the process attributes.

Lean Delaware consultants have studied and applied process improvement strategies across a multitude of industries that have allowed us to learn the core areas of concentration that affect the success of continuous process improvement change in a plethora of industries and organizational work environments. This 6 step process represents the principles we use to help deploy change initiatives within an organization in conjunction with process improvement strategies.

A Consultant or a Coach

What’s right for my Lean deployment?

Consulting – Consultants provide expertise, advice and opinions with the intention of solving a problem. They help you understand the problem and present solutions.
Coaching – A coach partners with you to help you to improve your skillset and understanding through personal support and development, maximizing your performance potential thereby allowing you to derive the answers to solve problems.
By blending coaching and consulting Lean Delaware assists organizations in 2 core areas:
1) We apply Lean strategies and techniques to quickly help solve problems related to performance, cost and delivery time
2) We help with Lean transformation initiatives aimed at developing a competitive advantage through a continuous improvement culture.
Many organizations hire a lean consultant for a “fragmented purpose” or a “Lean project.” But the organizations that successfully stand the test of time apply Lean as a culture improvement philosophy. There is always a need to improve because customer needs are always changing therefore the value changes. Lean as a philosophy focuses on value driven by customer needs. It is imperative to an organization’s survival and success to sustain behaviors and habits that support continuous improvement. Therefore an investment in Lean Delaware is not only about solving problems but about developing a continuous improvement culture.

Quality, Cost, and Delivery (QCD)

Organization leaders seeking to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and promote efficiency will benefit from Lean Delaware’s QCD engagement. QCD engagements are thorough analyses of business operations that target the manpower, material, machinery, methods and measures (5Ms). The purpose of a QCD engagement is to build a more efficient, and effective operation by identifying the root cause of constraints, bottlenecks, and other performance deficiencies. This versatile approach has been used to help service delivery organizations, manufacturing, and small retail operations. Tools such as Kaizen, Fishbone diagrams, Process Maps and management/leadership training have been used to effectively overcome operational inefficiencies.

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