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Building Your Team
of Lean Leaders

Develop your own Lean Team within your organization. Why? Because continuous improvement requires continuous attention. Many organizations make the crucial mistake of applying Lean as a onetime “upgrade” only to find that performance lapsed. One way to combat these organizational oversights is to build a team of Lean leaders in the organization who would continuously monitor and tweak processes or implement radical change using Kaizen or Kaikaku models. Lean Delaware provides a comprehensive 3 day (on site) workshop that includes hands-on learning, knowledge sharing and discussions on the application of Lean tools and techniques to solve real problems and/or Lean coaching for teams already familiar with Lean concepts but need help with deployment.

Lean Workshops

Our Lean Workshop will provide knowledge and hands-on experience with:

  • The 5 principles of lean and how to implement Lean successfully.
  • How to network and cross function to reduce stress and improve creativity and innovation.
  • How to perform effective KAIZEN (gradual change) and KAIKAKU (radical change)
  • The purpose and effectiveness of data and data analysis
  • How to communicate effectively and create a work community.

Lean Coaching will involve multiple engagements on the shop floor, analysis and feedback reports, and strategies for success.

Kaizen Events

Identify areas for improvement and begin to add value to your organizations’ processes in 1 week. Lean Delaware’s 1 week Kaizen events bring the applicable team members together for an extraordinarily creative and innovative engagement. These events help build team dynamics, improve communication, remove silos and create a “no fear” zone that promotes creativity and innovative thinking while producing value-added results to an existing process.

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