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Improve Performance and Develop Efficient Processes

Our improvement strategies are designed for non-manufacturing settings while remaining true to the principles; (value, process, value flow, pull, and continuous improvement), and philosophy of Lean. We focus on people centered relationships, communication and effective tool alignment to support the organization’s vision and mission.

Advantages of Lean Methodology

Among the benefits of Lean are:

  • Establishing a competitive advantage by continuously looking for ways to improve the value
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved delivery time of products and services

Lean is versatile and results are almost immediately realized. Leaders can implement what works and do not have to be rigid with the tools, however, they need to stay disciplined to the continuous review of performance and continuous improvement. Through this engagement managers and staff will learn the critical to success principles and the Lean toolkit.

Deployment of Your Process Improvement Strategy

Lean Delaware consultants have used process improvement to help organizations gain rapid results. Lean comes with a “toolkit” of options that can be implemented into an organization seamlessly. These tools are from the very simple 5S and 5 Whys to the more complicated Kaizen and Plan Do Check Act models. Lean consists of 5 core principles; establishing value, mapping the current operational process, creating value flow, establishing pull and continuously improving.

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