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Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping

Every organization has a “hidden factory”. This hidden factory comprises of all the process gaps and inefficiencies that leak revenue in order to produce a service or product. Leaders sometimes disregard this as part of the cost of doing business and simply make up for it by including the cost in the price which in turn hurts their value proposition. However, inefficiency and high costs affect the competitive ability of the organization. One of the ways to quickly lose value is to brush aside process inefficiencies. Making work and problems visible (process mapping and VSM) helps organizations reduce the cost of operation

Analyze, Develop & Deploy

There are times when a business has a specific problem that is a bit out of the realm of day to day operations but more of an enterprise-wide problem that requires in-depth analysis to properly define the problem, and then develop a solution. Lean Delaware consultants can perform research and analysis that succinctly identifies the root cause of the problem and help to develop and deploy a strategy. Our approach is:

  1. Perform necessary internal & external research
  2. Analyze the data
  3. Develop a solution
  4. Help deploy the solution
  5. Test the solution

Importance of Process Mapping and VSM

Business, as usual, can make the everyday tasks become mundane and mechanical, then someone leaves and a new employee comes on board and management realizes that the prior employee of 20 years who retired took all the knowledge of the work process they did with them. Situations such as this can create stress and diminish the confidence of the most qualified candidates creating an HR nightmare as well as a process deficiency. Setbacks such as this can cripple a process and drive costs of operation up by increasing production time, rework due to errors, and inefficiency.

Think for example of a poor hiring process where proper vetting of qualified candidates is sacrificed for on the job training due to the need for “right now” candidates. This can turn into more defects, slower operations and higher operational costs. What if your seasonal business encountered this problem every year? How much in revenue are you losing?

Taking a Strategic Approach
to Increase Productivity

Making work visible is a strategic approach that maps the organization processes and allows staff, both current and new to see where their function fits in, what preceded and where the flow of the work goes next. The process of making work visible helps organizations reduce operational time, reduce the cost of new hires and ensures every worker in a process understands the process customer that they serve. In conjunction with Value Stream Mapping, the process owners can work as a team to reduce the cost of the project, eliminate rework and increase productivity.

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