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What Does Success Look Like for Your Organization?

We specialize in Lean strategy development and deployment using customized applications designed to be implemented enterprise wide in non-manufacturing firms. We focus on Lean implementation that is value driven and sustainable. When implemented correctly, Lean strategies solve complex organization culture and performance problems that impede progress and hurt revenue in organizations. Sustainability is best achieved when Lean is embedded into the organizational culture through Lean Thinking. We work with executive leaders, operations level management, consumers and work teams to deploy a fully integrated Lean strategy. Unlike single project applications we focus on deliverables and milestones across a strategic application. Our process deployment is designed to deliver organizational goals through a sustainable continuous improvement strategy. Our engagement will include workshops, leadership training, Lean coaching for tool selection and deployment, communication, testing and developing a continuously improving organization. .

Organization Leadership

Optimizing Your Processes

Quality, Cost and efficient Delivery are the cornerstones of any great operation. Are you living with a high volume of defects? Do you simply increase your price to survive your inefficiencies? Are your sales being hurt by your inability to deliver on time? Is high overtime a routine part of your organization?

  • We identify and target the wastes that are affecting these three critical areas and develop an internal team with the capability of innovating solution.
  • We guarantee improvement to at least one of these areas within 30 days.
  • We make the problem drivers visible.
  • We coach and train your internal team to sustain the processes used to solve problems.
  • We provide continued support to the team
Critical to Performance Focus

We focus on critical to value areas using Lean methods to:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve performance
  • Communicate effectively
  • Promote better decision making
  • Align process practices with organization mission and vision
  • Ensure the focus on value does not get lost


What if it only took 1- 4 weeks to uncover problems and develop solutions for some of the most complex problems facing your department? What if you can spend your dollars more effectively to get the results your constituents expect?

  • Reduce operational costs by up to 40%
  • Reduce complexity and complication in the process by making work visible
  • Improve the organizations’ ability to meet deadlines and delivery of service objectives
  • Generate better outcomes for services
  • Promote efficiency and effectiveness using Lean Six Sigma
  • Train internal staff to become Lean problem solvers
  • Prime your workforce to be more creative and proactive
  • Lean Coaching for support with Lean projects
  • Reduce succession deficiencies by using process-driven remedies to combat turnover learning curves
Process Improvement Projects

Needs Assessment Research and Analysis – Develop a needs assessment process that would efficiently and effectively capture the voice of the customer which would help the Division align its processes and strategies to the needs of its clients and significantly reduce cost.

Value Stream Mapping – Map current process and develop an improved process within a short deadline. We were able to eliminate non-value added processes, reduce the process time and finish the project within the deadline.

Process Re-Engineering – Analyze and improve work processes involving a small team with a versatile set of responsibilities seeking to reduce delivery time, improve workflow and boost efficiency and employee morale. We approached the problem using process maps and value stream mapping to identify critical to quality areas for improvement that would lower costs, improve performance and create a more streamlined and consistent flow. During the first day, the team was able to identify multiple areas for process improvement and eliminate redundancy in document routing processes.

Lean Project Management – Lead a group of data analysts in a highly sensitive work environment requiring strictly regulated separation of duties. Designed training and development for staff reducing readiness time from 2 weeks to 4 days. Increased the performance of 8 staff to match the performance of 12 to 16 previously hired staff. With fewer but better-trained staff completed the filing season with zero bottlenecks, 2 months earlier (with no overtime) than projected with comparable volume to previous years. This yielded tremendous savings to the unit.

Lean Six Sigma Project Management Support – Served in a support role to a team of green belts focused on Lean deployment. Supported 5 projects simultaneously getting teams to focus on critical to quality criteria within the desired delivery timeframe.


Lean Delaware can help nonprofits to do more to improve performance, use of resources and attract funders with less.

  • Reduce the overall cost of doing business
  • Learn business leadership strategies to support your non-profit initiatives
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your leadership team and build a strategy to lessen the impact of turnover at the leadership level
  • Learn and effectively deploy Lean strategies

Process Improvement Projects

Process Flow – We worked with nonprofit clients to develop process flows as the start of a process re-engineering process. We mapped the process then helped to identify core areas for improvement that significantly improved performance and reduced cost.

Nonprofit organizations suffer tremendously from turnover in leadership. Setbacks from these turnovers hurt organizations systematically, strategically and with revenue. We created a succession planning strategy that allows for preparedness for the inevitable exit of critical personnel and leaders in the organization. By deploying this Lean strategy, the firm was able to pre-plan, prime and help integrate new personnel more seamlessly.

Entrepreneur and Small Business Support

Learn what matters. We help entrepreneurs launch and grow their business. Avoid the guess work that costs most startups thousands of dollars. Let us help you go beyond the theoretical business plan, let’s help you create a business success program. Launching a business is easy, creating a successful enterprise is not. Our entrepreneur strategist will support you with coaching and deployment to get you in front of the right customers using a targeted strategy that you can deploy on a shoe string budget. We will match you with highly competent entrepreneur coaches who will dedicate their time to helping you grow your entrepreneurial skills and your business.

Process Improvement Projects

Our consultants have lived through the challenges of new business owners and have helped new business owners gain a competitive edge by:

  • Simplifying the way you do business.
  • Significantly reducing the cost of operation by identifying and reducing waste.
  • Developing strategies to ensure delivery of high-quality goods in as little time as possible.
  • Business Coaching- learn by doing with on-site support. Our expert business coaches can help you learn accounting, QuickBooks payroll, operational strategy development, budget and production planning, inventory management, leadership training, etc.
  • Helping owners to reduce operational stress allowing them to think more clearly and make better decisions.
  • Solving financial problems such as developing and adhering to a budget, cash flow management, Lean accounting services and payroll.

Whether it’s building a management team or implementing a profitability strategy, Lean Delaware can help you grow your small business into a profitable operation.

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